Syntixi means fusion, bringing together the best of design and technology to create something more than the sum of its parts.

In Syntixi, we strive to learn; to always improve with every project and every task.

Through learning we allow our staff and company to become more skilled, efficient and capable in an ever-developing industry.

We believe that the projects we take must fundamentally have a positive impact on society, and through design we are able to help improve the good things in life, one small iteration at a time.

About Syntixi DigitalAbout Syntixi Digital


For a small group, we pack a pretty big punch. With a focus on digital design, we have the capacity to tackle nearly any project, of any size.


Web Technology — Syntixi Digital



Although we love to make logos, fonts and colors look good, pure aesthetics is not everything.

We understand the importance of tailoring your brand image to your chosen market, mission and the need for longevity.

Web Design

Websites are our bread and butter and we can’t wait to start on yours!

All of our sites are responsive and go through extensive QA testing before and after launch.

We even offer our own hosting services, with competitive rates and free SSL!

User Experience

Creating a visually nice looking site is only half the equation. A truly great site is intuitive and helpful for your audience to use.

We go directly to your audience to find out what they need from your site, to maximize results for your business.

Motion Graphics

As a storytelling medium, motion graphics utilize custom illustrations, animation, kinetic typography and sound design to create a comprehensive video.

It’s an engaging marketing tool that any company can utilize.

Stan Shvaika


When it comes to the backend of your site, there is no one better to build it then Stan. He has over 7 years of experience as a full stack developer and has produced over 300 websites.

If it has to do with Java Script, creating online forms or cats…
 Stan is onboard!

James Evans


Passionate about all things design, James is an integrated designer with experience creating content for the smallest of start-ups, to the largest multinational.

Based in NYC, this Brit feels most at home consumed at his drawing board while listening to a good tune.

Gedalya Krycer


Gedalya is a multidisciplinary designer—with a background in web, print, branding and motion graphics.

His focus is on creating engaging sites, based on proven user experience research and testing.